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Welcome to Luv2Text, Britain’s cheapest and horniest sext service. Our eager and hungry girls are wet, willing and waiting to hear from you.

To start using the service and messaging the girls, you first need to purchase credits. Click on the “CLICK HERE FOR CREDITS” button.

Fill in the simple online form.

Choose your message package. Remember these are for the messages you send in to the girls and not for the messages or pictures the girls send you which are INCLUDED!

  • 10 Messages = £9.90
  • 20 Messages = £19.80
  • 30 Messages = £29.70
  • 40 Messages = £39.60
  • 50 Messages = £49.50
  • 65 Messages = £59.40

Once you make the payment you will be sent to your phones text message App and you can start texting straight away! Happy Sexting!

There will be an indicator on the home screen that will show you how many Sext Chat Credits you have left. You can return to the booking form and purchase additional credits at any time you wish to ensure you have enough credits for the conversation you want to have.

As long as you have Sext Chat Credits on your account you will be able to chat with your favourite girl at any time you want. Just go to the message thread and continue chatting.

If you feel that there is a problem with your account you simply need to call our Customer Help line 033 33 13 00 18 and our friendly customer service agents will look at your account and sort out any issues. Please remember that the Sext Chat Credits you buy can only be used on the mobile phone of the number you filled in on the booking form. Please remember to tell the customer service agent the mobile phone number that the credits were purchased for.

No there will be no mention of sext chat credits on your credit card statement or phone bill. The transaction for purchasing Sext Chat Credits will be displayed on your credit card statement as “Surf&Pay”.

Your Sext Chat Credits will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

If you’re still having trouble after reading the above, the customer service helpline is an automated service; call 033 33 13 00 18 explaining your problem, and someone will get back to you. You can also email us at:

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